By day Ray Summers is a typical dude, doing as little as possible as often as possible. By night, however, he becomes NightwatchMan; a super-strong, super-fast hero with night-vision who saves lives to win favour with his girlfriend Dina... plus the costume is kinda cool. NightwatchMan is a nine-part comedy series written and directed by Alasdair MacKay and produced by Wolfpack Productions Ltd.

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Being a superhero is only a day job.

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Initially, when McKay approached us with the idea of Night WatchMan, he pitched a 6 x 3 minute webseries about a superhero manchild with great power; but little responsibility.


We sat outside the Stratford East Theatre in London one autumn evening in 2016 where we spit-balled ideas to develop the show further. We sent Al packing to write his second draft - super excited to work with Alasdair on his debut comedy series. Not too long later (maybe a week) he had come back with a mammoth series consisting of 9 x 9 minute episodes!


We accepted the challenge. We got to work - quickly - and shot everything back to back in one fell swoop. It has been a long journey, arduous at times, but now the light at the end of the tunnel is clearly visible, we are extremely proud of this project, and thrilled to see it finally come to fruition.


Alasdair Mackay

Creator, Writer & Director

Alasdair Mackay is an award winning film-maker who has achieved success as both a writer and as a director. In December 2016, Alasdair won the prestigious Best in Fest award at the Triforce Short Film Festival at BAFTA for directing the short film GLOW (Bish Media).He went on to direct Bish Media’s follow-up to that success in 2017, with “Things We Never Say” screening at BAFTA in December 2017. Another of his short films, “Motherhood” won Best Drama at the 2018 International Microfilm Festival in Nottingham, whilst also being nominated for Best Director at the same festival.


Jay Oliver Yip


Co-founded Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company and Reel People Films before co-founding Wolfpack Productions where he has cut his teeth as a Writer-Director. To further his craft, Jay has participated in writing and directing courses with Papergang Theatre and Raindance respectively.  Jay co-wrote and starred in the award-winning web series “Outside the Box” alongside Christopher Rithin and has written and directed numerous episodes of the multi-award-winning webseries “#sketchpack'' which is in its third season.

CHRISTOPHER RITHIN_Nov17-24[17585]_1crop

Christopher Rithin


Director of Photography

Producer of several multi-award winning online series such as MidnightMiracle and #Sketchpack, which now has over 40 sketches released. Christopher has mostly worked with Writer and Director Jay Oliver Yip, who makes up the other half of Wolfpack Productions Ltd which they co-founded in 2013; Thrilled to be enjoying their success and recently having placed in the National Short Film Competition Nespresso Talents Awards in which Christopher was Producer and Editor respectively.