Wolfpack Productions Ltd brings you a goofy, Sci-Fi, punch-line comedy. Follow the lives of eccentric inventor Clive, lay-about Jimmy and humanoid Ashleigh.

This muti-award winning comedy series delves into what drives us; love, friendship, fulfilment, and the
smaller things that make life worth living.


Abstract, quirky, and surreal situations arise to bring these issues to the surface, with heart-warming punch line antics.

A six part web series you can watch again and again.


Written & Created by Christopher Rithin and Jay Oliver Yip


Produced by Vanessa Mayfield, Christopher Rithin & Jay Oliver Yip                    

Directed by James Deverell

Director of Photography Sean Hunt

Set Designer Vivian Lu

Sound Recordist Eduardo João Gama

Music Composition & Sound Design by John Raphael

Jimmy - Jay Oliver Yip

Clive - Christopher Rithin

A.S.H.L.E.I.G.H - Ashleigh Lawrence

GoPro Coco - Coco pops!
The real talent
All hands on deck.
A cunning plan
A hard life.
Hello there!
God is in the details
True power.
Writer....Actor.....no wait.
Mr Mrzena!