'Wolfpack's showreel editing service was efficient & effective. Chris consulted me on every level and responding to what I wanted and no waiting weeks & months. Materials were cut together to show off different sides with their own artistic flair, no montage necessary. Oh and I have since signed with a new agent... coincidence?'

Gabby, Actor.



Book a one hour slot with us to film those all important last minute self tapes. 

Wolfpack Productions film in a casting like-set up and with their editing services, will make your audition-tape stand out from the pack! Give your E-Casting the cutting edge it needs to make agents and casting directors want to watch it from start to finish! 


The last Saturday of every month we now focus solely on getting vital pieces on tape. A pre-rehearsed scene for you to get online, for your agent or have as an example of an accent or what ever you need!

£20 will get you 30 min slot. We recommend bringing a friend and doing a dialogue. Both on tape for only £15 each - and a full hour working on the same piece!

Email info@productionwolfpack.com with your preferred time of day "Morning Afternoon or Evening"


Showreel Remix!

Already have a showreel and simply want some small changes? Whether you need your new footage inserted, a clip removed, or scene replaced, we can help you! 




Fresh Reels!



Finally collected all the work you want to put into your showreel? We can edit together for you in a professional way that casting directors and agents will approve of.


We know all the techniques to get your showreel noticed, whilst displaying your professionalism. Be seen in the right light! 

The Whole Damn Ting!

£250 - £400**


Our expert team of creatives will write up to two scenes, shoot and then edit them into your very own showreel.

With this package you will get a consultation beforehand and two edit reviews.

Your showreel is an essential piece of marketing that you need in this industry. Wolfpack Productions Ltd will make sure that your showreel is creative and gets you noticed! 

**All filming services, except self-tapes,  require a non-refundable £50 deposit which will be deducted from the final price of the service

"The guys at Wolfpack were really efficient, supportive and helpful. They gave me sound advice on what should be included in my showreel whilst keeping my own ideas in the mix. The reaction from my showreel has been really positive - my agent was very pleased with the re-editing and it has helped me get more TV castings. Many thanks Wolfpack!"                                              

                                                                                             Rebecca, Actor.